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Milwaukee Mayor Questions Use Of Force By Police During Protests
June 5, 2020

No Rubber Bullets, Limit Tear Gas, Barrett Says In Interview With WPR By Corrinne Hess Published: Thursday, June 4, 2020, 4:05pm Updated: Thursday, June 4, 2020, 4:15pm For the last week, protesters in Milwaukee have marched the streets demanding justice for George Floyd, the Minneapolis man killed by police while in custody, and Milwaukee resident Joel […]

‘Virus knows no borders:’ Milwaukee mayor urges caution with language used to describe COVID-19
March 30, 2020

By Fox 6 News (March 27, 2020) MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett released a statement on Friday, March 27 as it relates to the coronavirus pandemic and in particular, the city’s Asian American community. The mayor met virtually on Thursday with leaders and members of the Asian American community. His statement following that meeting […]

Milwaukee Steps Up to Fight Climate Change
October 30, 2019

By Mary SussmanFebruary 12, 2019Shepherd Express The United States Global Change Research Program released its Fourth National Climate Change Assessment in late 2018 with more than 300 federal and non-federal experts collaborating on the report. The report notes that, in the Great Lakes region, lake surface temperatures are increasing, ice cover is declining, seasonal stratification […]

Milwaukee hopes to shed ‘Rust Belt’ label as DNC’s host city

By Ivan MorenoMarch 12, 2019Associated Press MILWAUKEE (AP) — When the Democratic National Convention comes to Milwaukee next summer, the city on the shores of Lake Michigan will have its long-awaited opportunity to show the world it’s shedding its Rust Belt image. State and local officials who successfully lobbied to lure the convention see a city on […]

What Milwaukee means for Democrats in 2020 presidential race
October 10, 2019

July 14, 2019 By — PBS News Hour Wisconsin was one of several battleground states in 2016 that helped Donald Trump capture the White House. Next July, the city of Milwaukee will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention to select the party’s next presidential candidate. Hari Sreenivasan sat down with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to […]